Outdoor Laser Tag Has Arrived In NC  High Point, Winston Salem, Greensboro North Carolina
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Where do you play laser tag? In the fall we play in the 10 acre Maize Adventure corn maze, we also have a military themed wood field with lots of places to hide behind as well as an open field with barriers.  All playing areas are out doors. Benches are available near main battlefield for non playing guests to watch from. Do you see the lasers? The guns use infrared technology that can’t be seen or hurt your eyes. All of our guns have red dot scopes so you can target your opponent. Each team has a unique mussel flash color that is easily seen. The laser can only be seen in our promo video, these were added special FX. Is laser tag dangerous? Laser tag is generally safe but any time you are running around on uneven ground there is a potential for injury. Players in the heat of the battle are excited and when the adrenalin is pumping could accidentally run into each other or hit each other with equipment or fall over each other.  Bumps, bruises, skinned knees and elbows are common place. This is not like sitting on your couch playing games, it’s real life action packed fun. Do I make a reservation and what age can play laser tag? We highly suggest you make a reservation on-line or by calling us. We suggest age 10 as the youngest to participate. The younger kids may have difficulty understanding the team play concepts and be able carry the heavy taggers for 2 hours. Fill out the on line waiver form before attending. What to wear? We suggest camouflage and hiking boots for good support for your ankles. You will be playing on uneven ground. Don’t be the one that wears white and stands out!
What Age is required to play? Due to the weight of our MP5 tagger we highly suggest age 10 and up. Consider the Charlie Package or water tag party for kids under age 10. Notice: Age 10 and up highly suggested due to weight of the MP5 taggers. Consider a Charlie Package or water tag party for kids under 10 years of age.  Notice: We do not play in more than a drizzle of rain.  We will offer a refund or reschedule your reservation if weather effects your booking.