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Outdoor Laser Tag KERSEY VaLLEY
Turn off your computer or TV, get outside and become part of the action! Games such as Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield have never been played like this.  Put a tagger in your hand, lay low to the ground and pick off your competitors one by one. Our Laser Tag system has the ability to emulate your favorite video games. We can also customize the games to fit any type of game you would like to play. We recommend age 10 and up to participate in laser tag public sessions. For kids age 7 to 9 we suggest a private Charlie Package.
An industry first, our Flight Captains from Kersey Valley Zipline will take to the air to be the aerial assault team. Search high and low as our staff climbs towers and zips around from tower to tower picking you off one by one as they fly over the playing area. Will you be able to locate and eliminate our snipers before they eliminate you?  [TOP]
In this game, it is everyone for them self.   Players duck behind barrels, crawl on the ground, and roll behind barriers.  Only one player will make it out alive.  Do you have the will to survive?  [TOP]
In this mission, you will join forces with your team mates in effort to protect and escort the VIP to the rendezvous point. But be aware… a team of counter terrorists have been deployed and their objective is to stop the transport of the VIP at any cost. Are you able to maneuver through the course and deliver the VIP to safety or will you be searched and destroyed?  [TOP]
In this traditional style of gaming, players must use teamwork to defeat their opponents. You must eliminate all the players on the opposing team or risk the chance of the team being eliminated.   [TOP]
Welcome to the Old West where duals are still part of everyday life. Players are paired up and start back to back. On signal, each player takes 30 paces turn and shoot. Remember, you only have 6 shots, so aim carefully. Will you be the victor or be measured for your wooden casket?  [TOP]
Your team has been deployed into the wooded terrain with only a weapon and the clothes on your back.  HQ air dropped your medical supplies and ammunition. The coordinates have been radioed to you; however, a team of guerrillas intercepted the transmission and is on the way to the drop point.  Who will be the first to the site and acquire the supplies? If you are late… take cover, your health and ammunition is limited.    [TOP]
Paint ballers this is for you! We have taken out the pain and the mess. Each tagger is programmed with limited ammo, so you better make every shot count. Your first hit counts as a near miss, but watch out… the second hit marks you out.  [TOP]
We have added our own twist to King of the Hill. Each team is given a colored flag and must make their way to the center of the field.  Each team fights for their right to wave their flag in the middle. However, once you are eliminated, you must retire your flag to a team-mate.  The team whose flag is flying at the end is truly King of the Hill.  [TOP]
Do you remember Freeze Tag? This is our version…it’s every Bounty Hunter for them self.  Each player starts off with 3 Gold Coins. When a player is tagged out they must stand still and hold out one coin. Whoever gets to the coin first gets to keep it.  After their coin is taken, the player must proceed to the graveyard. You may buy your way out of the graveyard for one coin. Will you be left in the graveyard with no loot or be the one living life with the fortune? [TOP]
A fighter plane has been shot down in hostile territory, causing the pilot to be captured. You have joined a squad of highly specialized soldiers (Search and Rescue Team) in order to extract the pilot to a safe zone. It won’t be an easy task since the hostiles do not want the pilot to escape their territory alive.   [TOP]
In this version of the popular video game Halo, we can customize your weapon to emulate any of the guns listed: AK47, M16, MP5K, MAC11, or even a Sniper Rifle.  You have the choice of which type of weapon you would like to use…tailor your weapon to your playing style.  You have the choice of Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic, or 3 Round Burst. We even have Silencers for Stealth Operations. You will start off with a set amount of health and a regenerating shield. As you get hit your shield will deplete. Take cover at once, if not you will start to take hits on your health. By taking cover, your shield will regenerate. We can set the game up to play any way you want or you can go with what we recommend. The choice is yours! [TOP]
Do you have the skills to penetrate into enemy territory, plant a bomb, and get out before the explosion? If not, your opponent may eliminate your Explosives Expert, allowing them to acquire the bomb and turn the explosion on you. Will you be able to blow up the target or will you become eliminated allowing your base to be blown up?   [TOP]
Are you quiet? Can you keep still? It is every one for them self in this game of sniper.  Each player is armed with limited ammo and left to survive. It only takes one hit and your eliminated. So stay down, strategy wisely and make it out alive.  [TOP]
Pedro is tired of the rabbits eating all of his crops. He is off to shoot the varmints and you are here to help.  But in this game, the rabbits are fighting back. As you take side of Farmer or Varmint, you are fighting for your life. Who will be victorious? [TOP]
Your squad has been left to defend command center.  The enemy has knowledge of your location and is attempting to penetrate base camp and take over the command center. Are you strong enough to hold off the enemy or will you be eliminated leaving your base undefended?    [TOP]
Each team is given a flag to be placed in their base camp. Each team must defend their flag while trying to attack and conquer their opponent’s flag. The first team to acquire their opponent’s flag, bringing it back to their base, wins.    [TOP]
Your team has landed in a quarantined zone. Military specialists were alpha testing a serum that inadvertently turned soldiers into infected super warriors. As you take on this war, you and your team must double tap each warrior eliminating them from the field.  But watch out, if you are tagged out, you become infected, turning on your team-mates. Will the Humans or Warriors be triumphant? [TOP]
This is your traditional indoor laser tag brought outdoors. How many confirmed hits will you get? Run around our course dodging beams and popping out to tag your opponents. Who will have sharp shooter bragging rights? [TOP]
How does it feel to not trust anyone? Someone on your team is a spy. Who is it? As you complete your mission be weary of your team-mate. Are they there to help you or harm you?  [TOP]
One of your team-mates has been captured. You must secure each building searching for your team-mate. Will you be able to rescue your team-mate and eliminate all threats before time runs out? Hurry, someone is depending on you!  [TOP]
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