Outdoor Laser Tag in Archdale, NC

Laser Tag

$28 | 2 Hour Session

The perfect laser tag birthday party option in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, and the surrounding Triad area of NC.

  • Up to 60 players at once
  • Track stats with our Call Sign Live App
  • See in-game stats on your phone
  • Audio & vibration feedback on your tagger
  • Massive surround sound arena
  • Various strategic games
  • 60″ Scoring TV with live game stats

Live Like a Warrior

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  • Chevron down Where Do You Play?
  • We have a massive military-themed wood field with lots of places to hide behind. The playing area is outdoors and closed-toed footwear is required. Benches are available at the battlefield for non-playing guests to watch from.  Guests love watching the live stats from players on the 60″ TV. 

  • Chevron down Can You See The Lasers?
  • The taggers use infrared technology that can’t be seen or hurt your eyes. All of them have green dot scopes so you can target your opponent. Each team has a unique muzzel flash color that is easily seen.

  • Chevron down Is It Dangerous?
  • Laser tag is generally safe but any time you are running around on uneven ground there is a potential for injury. Players in the heat of the battle are excited and when the adrenaline is pumping could accidentally run into each other or hit each other with equipment or fall over each other. Bumps, bruises, skinned knees and elbows are common place. This is not like sitting on your couch playing games, it’s real life action-packed fun.

  • Chevron down What Do I Wear?
  • We suggest camouflage and hiking boots for good support for your ankles. You are playing on the uneven ground. Don’t be the one that wears bright colors and stands out!

Best Laser Tag

Seriously one of the best laser tags around. Kids loved it and it wore them out!”

-TripAdvisor Review

Whole New Experience

“The battlefield created a totally immersive experience for the players. It was like being in a video game.”

-TripAdvisor Review

Unexpected Blast!

“They were above and beyond excited when we completed the game. Thanks Kersey Valley for trying so hard and hitting the mark in good family fun.

-TripAdvisor Review

Check out some of our live action photos!

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