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Laser Tag – North Carolina

Quick Details

Person Ages 6+
Group Rate Must book 10 or more people

Head Into Battle at Kersey Valley

Prepare to be blown away by our massive, surround-sound arena in the woods! Kersey Valley Laser Tag has the latest in technology equipment, and we give you the ability to track your stats on your own smartphone with our Call Sign Live app.

Weekend open play availability with morning and afternoon laser tag sessions. Private sessions are available any day of the week with the purchase of 10 or more players.

What to Bring

  • iPhone users, download our Call Sign Live App here and create your player ID.
  • Android users, download our Call Sign Live App here and create your player ID.
  • Please bring a copy of your confirmation email.
  • Dress for the game: camouflage and good shoes!
  • Dollar bills for the Pepsi vending machine on the playing field. You will need to stay hydrated.

Our Game Engine

The EDGE Game Engine is the only system on the market that offers a true kill streak experience found in popular games like Call of Duty. Call in a UAV to give away the enemies’ positions, get upgraded weapons or body armor for you and your team, or reign terror from the sky with mortars, missiles, choppers, and even a nuke!

Exciting Game Modes!
King of the Hill, Domination, Infection, Capture the Flag, and more!

EDGE will let you earn medals, and achievements given to players based on how they play. This creates additional buzz for players beyond seeing their stats. With CallSign, players can track all medals earned while playing at Kersey Valley Laser Tag.