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Battle Rifle Pro Taggers

Kersey Valley Laser Tag has raised the bar in NC for the game of laser tag using the latest in technology.  Play with up to 60 players at once! Our sleek futuristic/ military-inspired designs make our equipment the best-looking taggers in the game. With equipment that appeals to every age group, Kersey Valley Laser Tag is an all-in-one solution for your live gaming family. Our equipment has a robust set of features like built-in rumble feedback, the ability to track your score and stats with our Call Sign Live App.

The Domination Cube is perfect for creating strategic games of capturing and securing areas on the battlefield.

The Utility Box
The utility box has multiple uses, primarily this is how you respawn back into the game after being tagged out back at your base.  All you have to do to get back into the game is stand in front of the box and every 5 seconds it sends out a signal to respawn you. The utility box can also be found out in the field, sometimes this can give you a new weapon, more ammo or health upgrades.  It can also be set up to be something you have to shoot to complete an objective.


  1. Aim with both eyes open when looking down your scope!
  2. Don’t stick your head out in the same spot twice, or prepare to get hit.
  3. Wear dark clothes, camo would be best.
  4. Bring dollar bills for the Pepsi vending machine on the playing field, you will need to stay hydrated.

Team Strategy 

To achieve your objectives and complete the mission you have to work as a team.  The first game is team deathmatch which will get you used to tagging your opponents out and how to respawn behind the base.  Each game is around 10 minutes, so you will play multiple type games during your session time.

As the session progresses, the games will require more team strategy.  Gather your team and decide how to attack, you may want to go in with teams of 3 or 4 players to try to reach the mission’s goals.

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