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NEW, Improved Fun at Kersey Valley Laser Tag Games

laser tag games

Laser Tag Games: Upgraded Play Options, Awards & More!

Do you remember playing tag as a kid? Well your game of tag and Laser Tag at Kersey Valley Attractions just got better. Kersey Valley announces new, improved features for our Laser Tag Adventure play.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Players can now earn over 14 various medals, including MVP, Top Gun, and Sharpshooter.
  • Earn XP with every victory and completed objective, allowing you to work your way to Level 50. Each level unlocks different weapons, perks, and discounts.
  • Download our app, CallSign, and view your level, XP, medals, unlocked weapons, game history, and over-all game stats.
  • Acquire multiple various streaks, such as body armor, mystery weapons, air raids, and even nukes.
  • Elect to play as one of more than 12 roles such as Sniper, Medic, or Soldier.
  • Select your weapon or weapons of choice from our selection of over 100 weapons, attachments, and melee weapons. Try the grenade launcher or sniper rifle. Plus, grab med packs to heal your teammates.

Choose your role, your voice profile, your primary and secondary weapon―and be prepared to step into the most interactive and immersive first-person shooter games available. Don’t just play Halo, Fortnite, or Call of Duty. Live and experience one of our various Laser Tag game modes: Sniper, Capture Point, or Infection.


Call Today to Experience the NEW Kersey Valley Laser Tag!