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Laser Tag Makes for Fun, Valuable & Awesome Team Building

laser tag for team building

Turn Your Mission Impossible into Mission Possible!

Want to boost your team’s performance?
Does your team need a change of scenery?
Having trouble picking a successor for a position?

To build a successful business, you need a team that works together in a positive way to solve every problem and serve every customer. Laser Tag for team building is a rewarding way to bring your team together in a safe and fun environment.Laser tag ranks as one of the most effective team-building activities. We have seen companies with failing teams come in and completely turn around the performance and morale of their employees.

laser tag for team building

So, How Does Laser Tag Work?

Make no mistake… this is no kids’ game.

Our field accommodates up to 60 players at once. Your team can choose from a variety of weapons, receive weapon upgrades during the game, and earn player protections too. We also have a safe spectators’ area. (Lasers are 100% safe and will not harm your vision.)

Laser tag is both a team sport and a recreational activity. During field time, players attempt to score points by shooting infrared-sensitive targets, usually with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device.

Here’s more of what you can expect:
• Players can now earn over 14 various medals, including MVP, Top Gun, and Sharpshooter.
• Earn XP with every victory and completed objective, allowing you to work your way to Level 50. Each level unlocks different weapons, perks, and discounts.
• Download our app, CallSign, and view your level, XP, medals, unlocked weapons, game history, and over-all game stats.
• Acquire multiple various streaks, such as body armor, mystery weapons, air raids, and even nukes.
• Elect to play as one of more than 12 roles such as Sniper, Medic, or Soldier.
• Select your weapon or weapons of choice from our selection of over 100 weapons, attachments, and melee weapons. Try the grenade launcher or sniper rifle. Plus, grab med packs to heal your teammates.

Choose your role, your voice profile, your primary and secondary weapon―and be prepared to step into the most interactive and immersive first-person shooter games available. Don’t just play Halo, Fortnite, or Call of Duty, live and experience one of our various game modes: Sniper, Capture Point, or Infection.

laser tag for team building

Re-energize a Lagging Team

Is your team lagging in productivity? At Kersey Valley Attractions, we can create a custom experience for your team to improve their skill mastery as well as camaraderie with one another. As the business owner, CEO, COO, or executive, you are welcome to play along with your team or observe how they interact from our spectator stand.

Laser Tag exercises provide opportunities for business to build these 10 essential team skills:
• Problem solving
• Communication
• Adaptability
• Logic skill building
• Decision-making skills
• Creativity
• Time-management skills
• Business teamwork and collaboration
• Team trust
• Leadership development

Your search for the perfect team-building facility is over!

Project: Team Fusion

It’s time to invigorate your team’s energy and passion. Laser tag for team building can help fuse your team together as they overcome challenges and work toward victory. You’ll see a new energy in the office the very next day, and your team will get to know one another on a different level.

So, what does all of this mean for your company? When you invest in laser tag for team building at your company, you are investing in your people. They will be more invested to work together, understand one another, and support the business they work for.

When employees work to 100% of their ability, your business’s productivity will grow. And you’ll see that employees have a better overall outlook on themselves and their co-workers. Team-building activities help to break down barriers within groups and promote a focus on team relations. In the end, your team will be both happier and stronger after their competitive experience.

laser tag for team building
Reward that Boosts Team Morale

Watch your team synergize their efforts when it counts. Then watch them bring back the same enthusiasm and skills to your office or workplace. Laser Tag team building at Kersey Valley Attractions helps you maximize the results for your team.

Looking for More?

In addition to laser tag, you can book any one of our other team-building exercises. Make it an annual outing for your team, and you’ll reap the dividends for years to come.
• Zip Lining
• High Ropes / Rock Climbing Wall
• Escape Rooms
• Axe Throwing (indoor and outdoor)
• Corn Maze (fall only)

And after your hours of fun and growth on the field, you can relax under our picnic shelter, grill out, or have pizza delivered. (We just ask that you meet your delivery person in the parking lot.) Our large picnic shelter and grills are FREE to use. Simply give us a call to reserve our facilities in advance.

Invest in an event that will help bring your team success!
Call us TODAY to book your Corporate Team Building experience!